Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 8 of 31 for 21 - Signing Times

Signing Times is the new favorite videos in the house.  Cameron especially, but all the kids are plastered to it to some degree.  It's the first video or TV he's really been interested in.  He asks for the videos and would sit watching it for hours on end if I let him.  Ever since he started watching them, he started talking and signing more and more.  He's so cute when he keeps signing to watch it and pulling us into the room telling us NOW!  I just cannot believe how much it has helped him.  I've always been a mom to limit screen time, but I'm having to reevaluate that now.

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  1. Tim (my 10 year old with DS) LOVES Signing Time! When he came home from Hong Kong almost 9 months ago he wouldn't watch even 5 minutes of TV, but now he is glued to ST and it has taught him so much! We just own one of the DVD's (Tim's favorite), but the library has them all.