Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 1 of 31 for 21

I have been thinking of starting a blog for awhile and when I heard about 31 for 21, I knew it was time to start it.  What is 31 for 21?  October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  31 for 21 is a time to write something every day for the month of October about Down Syndrome or about a person in your life with Down Syndrome.

I have been blessed with a son who has Down Syndrome.  We honestly thought we were done adopting and then I told someone we would adopt again only if we found a child with Downs.  She told me about a little one waiting for a forever family.  Two weeks later, Cameron came home.  That was four years ago.  He came home at 6 months old a total lump, unable to pick up his head or arms off the floor only to develop RSV two weeks later and almost die.  To look at him today you would never know.  He is a 4 y.o. boy to the core - sticking his tongue out at little girls, getting as dirty as he can every chance he gets, crashing anything and everything, and smiling that mischievous smile only a little boy can do just before he gets into trouble.

I think what is incredibly special to me about Cameron is he has finally learned to trust.  When he first came home to us, he had no reason to trust or bond and no way to understand a loving, affectionate family.  He definitely had bonding and attachment issues.  Cameron was a child that would happily sit and play by himself and never fuss, he would not cry for help, not call out in the night, and hugs, snuggles and kisses were things he could care less about.  In the past year I have watched a wonderful transformation take place.  Now my little boy runs to me for hugs, asks to be held, comes to me in the night just to be snuggled, makes great eye contact, and asks to play with other children.

His short life has brought me so much joy and so much to inspire to be and do.  He understands what life is about - playing hard, loving deeply, laughing frequently and taking the time to sit with someone you love and just hold their hand.


  1. Good job, Laura! I'll be checking your blog regularly. Here's a link to mine:


  2. This is beautiful! Looking forward to more posts!