Sunday, October 17, 2010

31 for 21 - Communication

All my kids have disabilities of some kind.  I find their struggles with communication seems to be the hardest to deal with.  If they are struggling with something physical, someone can assist them.  When it's a communication problem, you can't get into their head and help with the words they are searching for.  The other day I was in the garden and Cameron came inside which is normally no big deal.  All of a sudden he started crying.  He had fallen on a toy and cut his leg, but we couldn't figure it out at first.  He was just sitting on the floor crying with a few toys around him.  One of my sons finally saw one little car door was the same shape and size as the wound on Cameron's leg.  It would have been so nice in that moment of Cameron sitting on the floor crying for him to be  able to tell us that's what happened.

We had a speech therapist tell us once that children with Down Syndrome only speak 1/3 of the time compared to their typical counterparts.  From what I'm seeing with Cameron, it's not lack of desire.  You can see by his frustration level with his inability to communicate what goes on in his head.  He is this incredibly smart little guy with so much to say and do, but lacks the ability to put it out.  We work on his vocabulary daily through speech and sign, but this part of his functioning can't keep up with how fast he learns new thing and what he's capable of processing.

I cannot imagine how frustrating it must be to basically be stuck in your own mind - to have all these incredible thoughts, ideas, wants and desires and not have the ability to tell anyone.

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