Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 6 of 31 for 21 - Prenatal Testing

I know this is a controversial topic.  Before making any comments, make sure they are not inflammatory and something you would read to the most conservative person you know and not be embarrassed.

I was looking at some research and was quite disturbed to see that the abortion rate for cases of suspected Down Syndrome is around 90%.  I was horrified!  I look at my sweet son and wonder how anyone could feel this was a bad thing.  The way he runs to me every morning with his arms open, smiling and squealing, "MOMMA!" just makes my heart skip a beat.  My life is so much richer because of him being part of my life.  I cannot even begin to describe how deeply he affects the entire family, the overall love and joy he brings just to look at him and hold him.  I found this video and thought it says it very well

I know abortion is a taboo topic, but just knowing that children are being aborted because they may have something that is different from the norm is crazy.  To me, that is like a parent turning their back on their child after having a disabling accident.  Generally that would not happen.  The majority of parents would buckle down, learn how to take care of their child and keep going on no matter how hard it is.  These poor children aren't even being given a chance and for why?  I guess that's too personal to speculate.  Maybe it's because it would be hard or an embarrassment.  Maybe it would be too scary or feelings of inadequacies.  It's too bad so many parents are not giving their baby with Down Syndrome a chance.  They are missing out on a journey of a lifetime.

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