Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 for 21 - Last Day

It's the last day of 31 for 21.  Cameron did his first trick or treat night that he's really been capable of doing.  He said trick or treat, thanked people, shook hands, and gave knuckles.  He was so tired by the time we got home he climbed up to watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on my lap and didn't even get to the "I got a rock" part.  He had so much fun all evening though running down the street signing candy and saying chocolate.

I see him turning into such a grown up little boy.  He's more independent and opinionated every day.  Thanks to a sweet friend who told me he was up for adoption and God's guiding hands, I was given this sweet boy to be a mommy too.  He's taught me so much and makes me so happy every day.  So many people say if everyone was more like someone with Down Syndrome the world would be a better place - they are right and because I try to see the world through his eyes, I'm a better person.

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