Friday, October 29, 2010

31 for 21 - Wow

What a great day to watch Cameron spending time with my parents.  When Cameron first came home to us, I remember my parents being so wary of him.  You could feel the old school feeling about Down Syndrome and them not really knowing how to interact with him.  They were so standoffish and they never had been with the other kids.  It was so interesting to watch those first few interactions because it wasn't like they hadn't been around special needs before with all of our other children.

Four years later, they are finally figuring out he's just a kid and a great kid at that.  He pulled them around showing them everything he could today and they willingly went.  He talked with them, showed them how to sign words, and played silly games with them.  It's so nice to see my parents finally enjoying him for who he is.

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