Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 4 of 31 for 21 - Finding Humor

I was too tired to come up with anything about Down Syndrome or my life living with a child with Down Syndrome, except I can say out of all my kids' with all of their special needs, Cameron has the ability to make me laugh quicker than any of them.  His mischievous smile and "evil" laugh can make anyone giggle.  So that being said, parenting has it's challenges no matter if your child has special needs or not.  How many people in their lifetime would find themselves saying things like:

Stop hitting your brother's head with a hot dog.
No, we don't decorate the Christmas tree with rubber snakes.
Sweetheart, your hair looks like Swiss cheese.  Where are the scissors?
Why are your teeth glowing?  Poison control, how toxic are those light up bracelets?
I'm sorry boys but we aren't naming your new sister Tarantula or Bologna.
Um, honey, those are mommy's.  No they aren't play dynamite sticks.
Excuse me did I hear you right?  He peed on his brother's head by standing on the play structure as his brother walked past and you want me to come pick him up?  No sorry, if I do that he'll be peeing on every kid's head every day.

I look forward to seeing what other crazy things I end up saying to my kids and the laughter I will get to experience because of them.

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