Friday, October 15, 2010

31 of 21 - A Poem for Cameron

My Little Boy

There you are laying at my feet
My little boy oh so sweet
Not able to lift your little head
Fills my mind with all kinds of dread
What happened before you were mine
How many days did you not see the sunshine
I want to ask the question why
You won't look me in the eye
I want to take your hurt away
And pray it doesn't come back
Not for even one little day

I wrote this poem right after we brought Cameron home.  He was 6 months old, not able to lift his head or arms off the ground.  He was like holding a bag of water.  He had no eye contact and made not one sound.  He never cried for anything as he had been so severely neglected he had learned no one would ever come if he did.  We had specifically wanted to adopt a child with Down Syndrome and I was so happy to have him home.  I was so heartbroken for him, for the pain he had endured and the pain he was going to have to go through to learn to trust us.  Four years late, I'm proud to say, he has.

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