Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Pioneering Spirit

It's been a long time since I posted because so much has been going on.  After Jim made two trips to Georgia, we bought a house that closed escrow in two weeks and we are preparing to move.  It's hard to put into words all the emotions we have been going through.  Jim and Isabella are the only ones who have been to Georgia to see the house.  The rest of us have only seen pictures and have only ever lived in CA.  We have traveled as far as Reno, NV and I've been over the AZ border once.  Now all of a sudden we are packing up to trek across the nation to a house we've never seen, to a state we've never been to, leaving our family here in CA.

I know the pioneers had a much harder time than us leaving their family and friends behind for parts unknown, traveling over harsh terrains and experiencing cultures they never knew existed.  I admire them for the spirit they had to have to do such hard things.  The thought of driving across the country with six special needs kids with two dogs and a 14 y.o. cat which doesn't travel well, in the middle of a medicine increase for Ben to try to control his latest increase in seizures, all the while trying to keep peace with our teens that don't travel well either, makes me wonder how our ancestors did it and kept their sanity in tact.  We have one day until the movers are here and all I see and hear is chaos, wild emotions and kids who have lost their brains and must be looking for them as they run through the house like total banshees.  It sure didn't help to start the morning with a child puking and blowing out diapers.

It will be interesting to document the next few days of our adventure as we finish the packing, load the moving van and head off for a new life that includes three days of camping until the new city can get our water turned on in the new house.  I am hoping my children will be blessed with the pioneering spirit to get them through the next few days, and that I have the strength of the pioneer women to carry my family into our new adventure and onto our new life with the stability and fortitude they will need.

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