Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our Homeschooling Day

I've been very hard on myself lately about not getting enough school book time in.  Not enough worksheets completed, not enough experiments done, and just not enough anything that resembles school.

Today I took a deep breath and really looked at what my kids were learning since we had done no book work as it was Saturday.  Today's lessons included: a teaspoon and tablespoon can make a huge difference in a recipe, washcloths too close to an open flame do catch fire, not getting clothes into the laundry means wearing dirty underwear or go without which led to the lesson of waiting to do a load of whites until after the dishwasher is done and you have showered to make sure you have enough hot water, mom and dad's expectations aren't so bad when you get to do the things you want, that maybe mom does know that hot tea with lemon and honey and a hot tub will help a sore throat, that even if momma gets upset with you she never stops loving you, taking responsibility for something done wrong is much easier than arguing, that not slowing down to let little brother explain what he wants makes for a very mad little brother which led to the lesson of a mad little brother is not fun, putting dog hair on the table does not make for a happy momma, and when times get tough mom and dad have your back even after you have treated them terribly.

All of my children have learned to read or learning to read, they are all learning math, and they will be exposed to everything they are supposed to for history and science.  I guess the most important things in life aren't taught in schoolbooks.

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