Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ear Infections and Puppies

After two nights of little sleep with the youngest having an ear infection, I thought we would finally get some sleep.  He had gone to sleep easily, stayed asleep a long time, and had a better day in general.  So what does the puppy do, get into everything and chew things right next to my side of the bed all night long instead.

The sweet puppy, Spirit, has been so in tune with our littlest ever since we brought her home.  I don't know if she picked up on him having Down Syndrome or their having a common past of neglect, but whatever the case may be, there was an instant bond.  She loves to lick our little man which definitely has it's purposes when he needs the sensory input, but has been trained not to lick him in the night.  Now with his ear infection, she has been following him around all morning trying to lick his ear and make his owie all better. He keeps telling her, "No Spiwit.  My eawr."  She will stop for a minute or two, but then back to following him so worried about her boy.

We have to go to the ENT this morning to get his ear looked at.  I hope the house is in one piece when we get back.

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