Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catching Up

It's been an interesting few weeks since the move.  Our things finally got here a week late and items were either lost or broken.  We are still documenting all of the things that we are going to have to replace and praying we get reimbursed from the movers insurance company as it is going to turn into a hefty amount.  What saddens me are the things that can't be replaced like my mom's wedding china or all the canning I did last summer.  I guess technically the canning could be replaced but so much time went into it and they won't compensate me for that.  Most of my inventory and some of my looms for the business were destroyed.  I'm having to replace all of that too before I can get the business off the ground again.

The house has proven to be in worse shape than what we thought and needing a lot more repairs.  We've been here two and a half weeks and I still don't have a stove.  We finally got an electrician out to look at the electrical issues. I have no 220v to plug a stove into so we are stuck now until after June 1 before he can come back out.  So for now I use the electric griddle, camp stove, BBQ and roaster.  I'm able to prepare meals just fine, but I have to say it will be very nice to have a real stove again.

The kids are thriving though!  We have done away with TV until the fall when the days get longer and they have to be in the house more.  The kids have not even asked to watch anything.  They are having fun playing outside, playing games, reading and doing art.  We will hopefully have their play structure and playhouse delivered in the next week.  Cameron is talking more and physically just taking off - literally taking off, down the road.  We now have gates put up to keep him on the decks.  Ben is much more organized and able to process things better - slowly still but he can consciously make himself focus.  Gabby is her usual little bundle of energy but is completely over her fear of bugs and turning quickly into a little "farm girl".  Gabby's fear of bugs was transferred to Bella though as she is now afraid of anything that buzzes and/or flies.  Bella is loving the frogs and toads that come to visit.  Speaking of which we have Toad Buddy who comes onto the front deck most nights.  Bella picked him up one night to find a moth half hanging out of his mouth.  The older boys, well, Donald likes it here, and let's just leave the update on them at that.  Oh, I guess I could say Dustin is great at mowing the property as he has had plenty of practice lately.  Hard labor is good for the troubled soul.

Overall this has been a wonderful change for us.  I feel at home here.  People are friendly and helpful, the terrain is beautiful and teens don't walk around texting or plugged into an iPod.  There is a different level of respect for people here.  There was a little old man crossing the street one day.  He was shuffling along as fast as his wobbly legs would take him.  He was barely half way across the street when the light changed.  No one honked, no one hurried and went around him, and no one started yelling.  They just let him cross the street and then went along their way.  It was heart warming to see.  I'm hoping the respect rubs off on my teens.

After two and a half weeks of being here, I honestly believe this was the right move for us.

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