Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If Today Were Perfect

If today had been perfect....

I would not have woken to a puking child.

The dog would not have tried to bark as she swallowed and ended up gagging to the point of puking on the kitchen floor.

I would have had the aforethought to think the puking child was starting to feel better before I told his dad he needed to stay home to rest instead of going with dad to run errands.

I would have realized that dad was also taking the more helpful teen to get his braces removed and I was going to be left to fend for myself with a rambunctious 5 y.o. (previously puking child that found all of his energy plus more), an overtired 7 y.o., a 6 y.o. that has mischief to spare, and a happily defiant 10 y.o.

My mischievous son would not have found a pair of scissors and cut a chunk out of his sister's hair.

The same mischievous son would have forgotten the lessons I taught him about the Forbidden City and not tried to recreate it out of Chinese food boxes that had our lunch in them.

The 5 y.o. would not have tried to get the puppy (which outweighs him) to ride the rocking horse.

There would not have been huge puffs of dust flying of my son's head due to his sister putting dirt on his head to make his hair a lighter color, nor would there have been bits of grass in my daughters hair because she "needed a beautiful hat" courtesy of the dusty headed brother.

My preteen daughter would not have had her rambunctious 5 y.o. brother constantly going in to the bathroom saying, "Suuuupise Sissy!", while she tried to bathe to get rid of her allergy attack and sinus headache and I would not have had to keep stopping what I was doing to pull him out again as he did his evil laugh.

A teen would not have taken his frustrations out on the one apple gourd that I was able to grow in the garden last summer.

Someone would have told me I had bits of red frosting on my forehead the youngest child had so artfully applied before people stopped by to pick things up and not wait until I saw it in the mirror.

My dogs and 5 y.o. son would not have doorbell ditched the new neighbors when the children were coming into the house after being out.

At least at the end of the day, the children got to spend one last night at Bounce U and I got a wonderful dessert with a friend.  I also guess, in it's own strange way, it may not have been a perfect day, but it was a typical day for us.

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