Sunday, November 13, 2011


What an amazing project and group of people.  A4cwsn - Apps for Children with Special Needs  - is changing lives of children and families around the world.  The latest endeavor has Gary James traveling all over the USA delivering iPads to families with special needs children.  The Facebook page for A4cwsn is one of the most supportive pages I've ever had a chance of being a part of.

Tonight on the Facebook page for A4cwsn a parent donated a refurbished iPad for another family.  Gary James asked those that did not have an iPad to reach out to others at least 3 states away, get to know one another, and nominate someone for an iPad.  The response was overwhelming.  People could not wait to talk to one another and nominate people they had just "met" without thought for themselves.

Tonight was an incredibly uplifting and inspiring.  It allowed me to see the good in people again.  It rekindled my hope in the human spirit.  It may sound silly, but as a parent of special needs children there are many days I go to bed at night feeling the world is against our endeavors.  Tonight I am thinking of the wonderful people I have met at A4cwsn and Gary James' efforts to make lives better just because.  He is not getting any kickbacks or monetary benefit for it.  He is giving of himself because that is what he is called to do.  If we all took a little time each day to give of ourselves like I saw tonight and to keep the same giving spirits in our heart the Gary James has every day, the world would be a better place.

I was telling my children about the wonderful things happening at A4cwsn and how unselfishly Gary James gives.  I mentioned we would be sending a Christmas card with $1 in it to help support A4cwsn.  The children asked if they could each make a card and send in some of the money they have saved.  So tomorrow as part of our homeschooling day, the children will be making cards from their hearts.  I asked them what if they don't ever get an iPad from A4cwsn.  They responded by staring at me with total disbelief and all said, "So!!!!"  I was informed people are being helped and that's all that matters.

Please go to to find out more about A4cwsn and apply for an iPad.  Look them up on Facebook too.


  1. Thank you for such a positive report on A4cwsn and also for the anecdote that shows what amazing kids you're rearing!!

    Pam Howard

  2. No thank you Pam. What A4cwsn is doing is amazing and changing lives of so many.